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Pepper mace spray products are a great delf defense item and we have them all!!
Stun Guns and Air Tasers make a great defense item, they can take down a 400 lb. man in seconds!
Stun Guns
Talon 80,000-250,000 volts
Stun Master 100,000-300,000 volts
Z-Force 100,000-300,000 volts
Mace 100,000-300,000 volts
Air Taser
M-18 Advanced Taser
Personal Alarms
Mace child 95db mini alarm
Mace combination alarm & flashlight
Mace 130db alarm
2 n 1 personal & burglar alarm
130db alarm w/ door alarm accessory
125db alarm and flashlight
Door Stop Alarm
Diversion Safes
Beer and Soda safes
Video safe
Wall socket safe
Book safe
Can safes
Stone safes

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The Heart Attack
Spy Glasses
Garrett Super Scanner
Car Watch Cassette Alarm
Electronic Dog repeller
Safety Flasher
7 function LED laser lights
Telephone voice changer
Child Watch monitor
Throwing stars
Telescopic steel batons

Counterfeit Detector Pen
Phone 10-hr Recorder
Blowguns and Accessories

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Pepper Spray
Pepper Shot Pepper Spray
Pepper Gun
Wildfire 15% Pepper Spray
Mace Defensive Sprays
Mace Pepper Spray
Mace Pepper Foam
Mace Canine Repellent
Michigan Approved Sprays
Wisconsin Approved Sprays

Mace Triple Action Sprays
Home Protection
Infrared Motion Alarm with keypad
95db Magnetic door/ window alarm
95db window glass breakage alarm
Big Jammer door brace
Electronic barking dog
Wireless Infrared Alarm
Hidden Cameras
Wired Hidden Cameras
Wireless Hidden Cameras
Pen knives

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Stun Guns are a non-lethal weapon that use high voltage to subdue a person. A short burst from a stun gun causes loss of muscle control and balance. 
Stun Batons operate on the same principle as stun guns, however, they allow you to keep your distance from your attacker. The hard solid shaft and high voltage electrodes make this a serious weapon. 
Pepper Spray is a self defense product derived from cayenne peppers. Our pepper spray contains Oleoresin Capsicum, a powerful inflammatory agent that will cause temporary blindness and restricted breathing. This pepper spray also contains ultraviolet dye for police identification.

Stun guns have become an increasingly popular product for personal protection. A stun gun when used to immobilize an attacker is highly effective without causing any permanent damage. Many consumers are replacing their hand guns with stun guns because of there non-lethal immobilization capabilities

MACE brand name has long been associated with quality. Now MACE offers their own line of high quality Stun Guns ranging from 100,000 volts to 300,000 volts. One year warranty

If price is your main concern, then
Stun Masters are the Stun Gun for you. Low prices and high stopping power.  100,000 volts to 300,000 volts. One year warranty.

Talon uses the new, patent pending Phase Induction Technology.  You can literally hear the difference. Available 80,000 volts to 250,000 volts. The Talon has a lifetime guarantee. 

The technologically advanced
Air Taser uses compressed air to fire two small probes secured to 15 feet of Taser wire. When the probes attach to an assailantís clothing, the Air Taser sends powerful T-Waves through the wires into the body of an assailant. Air Taser can also be used as a contact stun gun. 

Simply touch an attacker with the Z-FORCE stun gun for three to five seconds to deliver a high voltage, low amperage shock, causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion and disorientation. Full recovery takes about five to ten minutes. This product is designed to cause no permanent damage. The high quality Z-FORCE stun gun is made in the USA. Choose from six models -100,000 to 200,000 volts Z-FORCE has a Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

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